Everyone on board did contribute to save Wavewalker. Justify.

Coming out of a challenging assignment can be done only if every member of team works for his or her best cause. Same happened when Wavewalker which was struck hard with a huge wave in the Southern Indian Ocean. The narrator was thrown out by giant wave but he managed to get back to Wavewalker and started rescue work. While he was trying to block water from pouring in. Mary, his wife took over to wheel and steered the ship bravely without getting panicked about safety of her children. Larry Vigil and Herbert Seigler worked hard and continued pumping out water till all leaking gaps were plugged, repaired or covered. Little Jonathan and Suzanne who were on upper bank also got injured but they did not create any panic Rather they bore isolation and pain in such a manner that their parents and other two sailors had no problem in and best efforts of all on board to save the Wavewalker.

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