Every teenager has a hero/heroine to admire. So many times they become role models for them. What is wrong if Sophie fantasises about Danny Casey and is ambitious in life?

Every teenager has a hero or an idol to admire. So, many times they become role models for them. Sophie is one such teenager filled with boundless enthusiasm and ambitions. She wants to lead a sophisticated life. However, she is not a headstrong girl, who is determined to do things her own way and work hard to pursue her dreams. Instead, she appears to be fickle minded changing her aspirations without giving them much thought. She might even appear unrealistic and impractical on some instances because she prefers her world of fantasy over her reality. Her family is poor and cannot provide all the needed resources to fulfil her fantasises. Her hero-worship is limited to her infatuation with Danny Casey. She fantasises and lies about their somewhat romantic meeting rather than drawing inspiration from his dedication and hard work to achieve his dreams.

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