What are the essentials of Copywriting?

Copywriting is not just concern with writing. It is about reaching into the hearts and minds of a marketplace through building bridges between what company wants to market and what consumers needs.

1. To the Point

Most readers are attracted towards the shorter advertisements. Being concise is not reducing words or chopping sentences. It is the meticulous work of eliminating and substituting the words without jeopardizing the meaning. It cuts to the core; it is to the point to cover all. Eg headline “Everyday growth everyday horlicks”

2. Clarity

A clear copy is one which is easily and quickly read and grasped by the readers. It is unambiguous and self explaining. It is one that clicks immediately. Clarity gives clue to interpretation. The manner in which a copy is interpreted is dependent on factors like local traditions habits, customs, and nationality. E.g. Fair and lovely cream for girls and fair and handsome cream for boys.

3. Suitable

A copy is apt that matches to the needs and counts of the prospects. Writing an apt copy is the art of putting in the words that create strong desire to possess the product where the product features or the qualities satisfy the consumers’ desire to possess. Copywriter is to place himself in the position of a customer to make it appropriate. E.g. don’t rely on something just because it fits – Volkswagen original parts.

4. Personal Touch

Copy must contain information and facts about the product or service but that is not the point to keep the focus on, the focus should be on the customer and their needs, wants, desires and their emotions towards the product which will help to sell it. A personalized copy is centered on the prospect. It is an individualized appeal copy. It is written from ‘prospect’ to ‘product’ rather than ‘product’ to ‘prospect’. The copy has ‘you attitude’. E.g. The ad for Lakme Deep Pore Cleansing begins with the headline “There’s a lot that shows on your face”.

5. Reality

Credibility or believability of an advertisement message is decided by the extent of honesty. An ad to be good must be truthful. Misleading and unprofessionally presented facts made in the copy only damage the reputation of selling house. One of the surest ways of winning the hearts of the consumers is to be honest. ‘Honesty’, here, implies ‘commercial honesty’ and not the ‘judicial’.

6. Conforming

Every ad copy is to conform to standards, rules, and regulations acceptable to the advertising media. Anywhere in the world, no copy is acceptable to any media that offends the morality, declines decency, and damages religious susceptibilities of people.

7. Provocative

Grab the reader’s interest by presenting thought provoking questions in headline and move them to read body copy to get the answer. This generates the interest in minds of consumer.

8. Demonstrative

Photos or demonstration plays the vital role to grab the attention of audiences, so use photos to demonstrate the product or service. If a correct picture really is used it is worth a thousand words. Maybelline generally use photographs to demonstrate the benefits of using the product – long lasting kajal, lipsticks, smooth skin.

9. Attractive

Using buttons, icons and arrows can help direct the reader’s attention to important details. If organized correctly, they can also help sort facts or messages into categories. The ad for Toyota Qualis uses arrows to draw the readers’ attention to the unique features of the vehicle such as integrated bumper; wood finishes paneling, captain seats, etc. Similarly, “Pure it” brand uses the machine to demonstrate the usage and show-case the features.

10. Its Responsive

Many techniques a copywriter can use to get response speak out for readers, tell them to respond, give them a reason to respond offer them a bonus or freebie if they respond. Eg. This can be done by using words like – order now, book now, order today, for a short time only, last chance, etc. Service – ICICI Bank – Two Wheeler Loans.

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