Elements of western culture have had a very influential role on cultures of the world. How are these elements different from those of Indian culture? What according to you, should we as Indians adopt from the west to make life more meaningful.

Elements of western culture have influenced the world by changing the total outlook of civilization. The impact of western culture is very deep and widespread in each and every sphere of life. Our food habits, dresses, entertainment etc., all are according to the western pattern.

The rapid colonization of the world by the European powers in the last two centuries resulted in elements of the western culture influencing different cultures of countries under their rule. The British also considerably influenced Indian culture as they ruled the country for well over two centuries. Western culture is primarily individual-oriented resulting in nuclear families with fewer kinship bonds. It is, thus, common to find 18-year teenagers moving out from their parent’s home to stay on their own.

On the other hand, Indian culture is more family-oriented with strong family and kinship ties. Unfortunately, this fad of nuclear families is fast catching up in India, where such families are on the rise especially in metros. This is, however, more on account of economic reasons rather than social or cultural. The family values, ethos and respect that we have for our elders, differentiate us from other cultures of the world.

Western culture, being flexible and practical, has fewer customs and traditions to be followed. While our culture is the oldest, richest and the most diverse of all cultures in the world. We, thus, offer a unique example of unity in diversity to the world. Such customs enrich our lives, making society more pleasant and peaceful.

There are many important issues like, gender equality, human rights and progressive outlook to life, which we can adopt from the west. This will make our life more meaningful and also develop society and the nation.

Western culture is no doubt more versatile in nature. We should, however, not blindly adopt it with all its ills. No matter what, India’s culture is definitely unique in the world!

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