What are the elements of advertising copy?

Copywriting is an art of using words in persuasive manner which motivates the readers/audiences to take productive action. Copywriting is also done for the purpose of promoting the brand, spreading awareness about the brand. It plays a vital role in social campaign and helps convincing the audiences on certain point of view.

1. Headlines

Headline is the top most or the very first line of the advertisement. It must be bold and in larger font as compared to other text of the ad. It must be catchy as it is going to capture the attraction of the audience. If required, it can be written in different font style or in different colour. It can be one liner or not more than 5 to 6 words.

2. Sub Headlines

It is a supporting line to a headline. It can briefly describe about headlines. Generally, its font size should be smaller than headline but larger than the body of the advertisement. The sub headline can be underlined or may be printed in a different font style to make it look unique.

3. Body copy

The main portion of advertisement is the body copy as it describes about the product. It consists of benefits that customer can get through product, its usage, features etc. It can be printed in normal font size as it can be of 6 to 7 lines.

4. Captions

It refers to a small write up describing the image or picture. In print advertisement, the image of the product is shown and a small paragraph is written describing about the product’s feature. In short, it is a descriptive title under a photograph.

5. Slogan

A slogan is a phrase used for advertising campaign to generate the attraction of public. It is difficult to remember the complete ad or body text of it, therefore, slogan helps audience to remember the product for a longer period. Eg: McDonalds – I am lovin it; Kit Kat : Have a break, have a kit kat.

6. Taglines

It is a short, memorable description that becomes identified with a product. It is designed in a catchy and dramatic form which can be easily remembered by the customers. Eg: Loreal – Because you are worth it, Apple – Think different.

7. Logo

Logo refers to a image or design used by company for its products. People may read the ad and forget it but the logo may be retained in their mind, thus it helps a product to get a distinct image in the market. Generally, logo appears at the bottom right of the ad. Eg: Nike – A tick mark sign, Apple – Symbol of apple.

8. Call of Action

It is a strategy or a liner which will convert the decision of audience into an action. It is generally mention at the end of the advertisement. It can be an offer or a discount coupon through which customer can get the best out of it.

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