What are the element of promotion research?

Element of promotion research are:

1. Advertising

American Marketing Association defined advertising as , “Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, and services by an identified person.” Advertising attracts the customers and thus profit increases. Advertising can be done through different Medias such as Newspapers, Magazines, Hoardings, Radio, Films, T.V, etc. Advertising plays key role in promotion research. The role of advertising is:

  1. It helps to develop top of mind awareness
  2. It builds good image of the brand.
  3. It helps to remove confusion and mistake and change the negative attitude into positive one.
  4. It helps to face competition by telling consumers how our product is better than competitors’ product.
  5. It attracts and influence many people.
  6. It can spread messages with particular demographic and socio- economic features.
  7. It offers wide choice of channels for transmission of messages

2. Publicity

It is non personal presentation of company’s products, company’s information, company’s ideas, goods and services. Publicity can be done through different Medias like Newspapers, Radios, and T.V. etc. It can be in the form of editorial or documentary on company’s actions, policies, awards, etc. publicity has the following advantages.

  1. Those people who may not pay attention on advertising, sales promotion, etc, can be attracted through publicity.
  2. Detailed information can be provided about firm and its products through publicity.
  3. It is normally free of cost or cheap.
  4. Publicity done by media is more reliable and accurate so people believed on it

3. Sales Promotion

Sales promotion includes those activities which induce people or motivate the wholesaler, retailers and dealers to take active part in selling the product through display, show, exhibition, demonstration, etc. It attracts target consumers, by various sales promotion techniques such as free samples, consumer contest, free gifts, selling on installment, discount, and warranties, etc. Sales promotion technique has great potentials if planned and used properly. The benefits of sales promotions are:

  1. It helps to develop brand loyalty.
  2. Quick response from target consumers is possible thereby increases sales.
  3. It helps to induce the consumers to purchase the promoted brand than competitors’ brand.
  4. It provides incentives that give value to the customers

4. Personal Selling

It includes face to face communication between consumers and sales representative of company. Sales representative can make oral communication, in conversation with more than one prospective consumer. It is more effective and useful as it is the only technique by which consumers can be convinced effectively and is strong enough. Researchers have to analyze on various question like, how many total sales force requires? What processor should be implemented to recruit, selected, trained, assigned to these force in various territories? How sales force to be remunerated, motivated and controlled? What task should be assigned to sales persons? How should their performance be evaluated? The objectives of personal selling are:

  1. To find out perspective buyer.
  2. To convert prospective buyer into consumer.
  3. To clarify any information regarding the products.
  4. To maintain good relations with the customers.

5. Public Relation

Business concerns not only deals with consumers but also with other groups of public such as shareholders, employees, banker, debtors, creditors, and society as a whole. Business has to maintain good relation with these persons. Company has to convey its goals, and interest to these persons to win their confidence. It will increase company’s goodwill and thereby will increase company’s profit and sales. Now a days company maintains public relation department to make communication with these persons. Consumers’ suggestions, advice and complaints are analyzed by this department and proper action should be taken to satisfy the consumers’. Following are the functions of public relation department:

  1. Press relation: Places newsworthy information to attract attention of the consumers to a product or service.
  2. Product Publicity: Publishes specific products
  3. Corporate communication: Promote internal and external communication
  4. Legal formalities: Deals with legislates and government
  5. Counseling: To advise management about public issues.

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