What are the effects of Women Trafficking?

The effects of trafficking may have severe impact on the survivors:

1. Rejection

Those who survive and come back to the normal community are not accepted again. The community rejects them and boycotts their family. The survivor has to return back to the brothel or commit suicide.

2. Helplessness

The victims feel helpless because they are not able to change the circumstances in which they are locked. They cannot face the situation and in the end they give up. They withdraw and isolate themselves and remain disconnected from the society. Even if they are rescued and rehabilitated, the feeling of helplessness continues.

3. Distraction

The victims try to engage themselves in various activities and try to forget their situation. They watch movies, fight with others and also gossip about others. They may also become addict to drugs, tobacco and alcohol. They also seek short term relationships with strangers.

4. Post Traumatic Stress Disaster

The trafficking survivors may experience the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a general anxiety that is triggered by any cue that reminds the survivor of the traumatic abuse that he or she may have undergone. This leads to numbness of sensations.

5. Depressive Disorder

The feeling of sadness, inability to enjoy oneself, lack of interest in day to day activities and negativity about the future leads to depressive disorder in the victim.

6. Dissociative Disorder

In this, the victim becomes unconscious. The victim suffers from amnesia and has multiple personality disorder.

7. Psychotic Disorder

The victim may develop slow and steady degradation of his entire personality. In this disorder the victim has several delusions and starts hallucinating as well as faces various behavioural difficulties. Many rape victims suffer from this disorder. They loose control on their senses and hence they may roam without wearing clothes and they may pelt stones on others.

8. Eating Disorder

The victim may experience eating disorders. Due to frustration and depression, they may eat more than required or they may take to eating binges or they may not eat at all.

9. Addiction

The victim even after being rescued my not stop his addiction. They may die due to severe drug addiction and alcoholism.

10. Legal Effects

Due to illiteracy and ignorance the victims do not understand that they are exploited. They do not even know about the various laws of the country. They are intellectually, physically, emotionally weak. Their utter helplessness and stigma do not allow them to take help from the legal authorities.

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