Effective communication should adopt suitable measures to overcome the barriers of communication. Explain any four such measures.

Measures to overcome communication barriers are:

1. Simple Language: The sender of the message should use simple language and commonly known words. It is better for sender to use that language which is known to the receiver.

2. Clarify the Idea before Communication: The entire problem or message to be communicated by sender should be studied in depth and stated in such a manner that is clearly conveyed to subordinate or receiver.

3. Consult Others before Communication: It is better to involve subordinates (receivers) to get acceptance or willing co-operation from them, before actually communicating the message.

4. Ensure Proper Feedback: The communication is said to be successful when desired feedback is received by the sender. So, the receiver should be encouraged to respond and to be more responsive regarding the message sent.

5. Communicate for Present as Well as Future: Generally commitment is done to meet present needs and commitment. But to maintain consistency, the communication should aim at future goals of the organisation also.

6. Follow up communication: There should be regular follow up and review of the information/ instructions given to the subordinate (receiver). Such follow up helps in removing hurdles in implementing the instructions.

7. Communicate according to the needs of the receiver: Manager should adjust his communication according to the education and understanding level of the subordinates.

8. Be careful about language and content of message: The content of the message, tone, language and manner in which the message is to be communicated are some important aspects of effective communication. The language should be understandable to the receiver. (

9. Convey things of help and value to the listeners: While conveying message to others, it is better to know the interest and needs of the people with whom you are communicating.

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