Educating children is the responsibility of society. Justify the statement in view of “The Last lesson”.

This line is truly said. Society and adults play a very important role in motivating the young learners to take education seriously. They have gone through this stage and can guide us in the right track through their experience. This can also be seen in the lesson “The Last Lesson” by Alphanso Daudet. This story is of a boy Franz who took his studies as a burden and a teacher M. Hamel who took the noble profession like teaching to be a joke. However, during the latter part of the story, it was M. Hamel only who gave rise to a feeling of remorse in the mind of Franz not to take the French language seriously and went on praising the language to be the most logical and clear. With this, one can see that it was M. Hamel who motivated young Franz to think nice about the language and pay his complete undivided attention on the Last Lesson. Answer 10 Like Derry and Lamb, there are so many persons in this world who are impaired and lonely. They suffer from an inferiority complex and a sense of alienation. They remain aloof and turn themselves into a recluse. It is our duty to accept them and make them realise that this world belongs to them as well. We should treat them in a kind and sympathetic way. We should not look down upon them with pity in our eyes, as they will feel bad and disheartened with such treatment. We should accept them with open arms and make them realise that their disability is not their fault. We should fill their hearts with hope and optimism and allow them to feel equal with the rest of the world.

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