Draw a contrast of the life the narrator’s grandmother spent in the village with the kind of life she led in the city. Particularly, highlight her concern for her grandson’s education.

The grandmother was used to the life of the village. She got up early in the morning. She woke up her grandson and got him ready for school. She was very much concerned about the education of the narrator. She accompanied him to his school. She sat in the temple reading the scriptures. She was friendly even to the village dogs and fed them regularly. The city life and its culture didn’t suit her. She was a religious lady. She was quite conservative in her thinking. The English school, English language and Science were foreign to her. She was upset to know that they didn’t teach about God and the scriptures at the school. She hated music. She didn’t like music lessons being given at the new school. She felt lonely when he went up to university and then abroad. But she had accepted her loneliness silently.

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