Dr. Sadao was a patriotic Japanese as well as a dedicated surgeon. How could he honour both the values.

Dr. Sadao was a true Japanese. He was obedient and loved the Japanese tradition and culture. He waited for his father’s approval for marrying Hana, a girl he loved. He loved his family a lot.

Dr. Sadao was an eminent surgeon as well as a scientist. He was the on call doctor for the general. Sadao, truly believed in his professional ethics and hence harbours an injured prisoner of war. He faces a lot of difficulties at home from his wife and servants but still decides not to forgo his professional duties. With great risks to his life and his position in the society, he nurses him and cares for him very well. He could not let personal prejudice override his duties as a doctor. However, out of patriotism, he tells the general about the American POW in his house. He could not destroy a human creation and therefore asks for the General’s help. When the plan of the General did not materialise, he helped the prisoner escape

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