Dr. Sadao faced a dilemma. Should he use his surgical skills to save the life of a wounded person or hand an escaped American P.O.W. over to the Japanese police? How did he resolve this clash of values?

Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana remained in a state of conflict for quite a long time. They couldn’t throw a wounded man again into the sea. They thought if they gave shelter to him in their house, they could be arrested. Handing him over to the police, would have meant throwing him into the jaws of death. They were in a state of intense conflict. Ultimately, the duty of a doctor overpowered all other petty considerations. The servants revolted at the idea of serving a white man. Hana herself washed the wound. Dr. Sadao had decided to operate on Tom. Hana obeyed her husband without a word. Hana was to give an anaesthetic if the patient needed it. The doctor made a clean and precise incision. The bullet was out. At last, Dr Sadao declared: ‘This man will live in spite of all.’ So, Dr. Sadao saved a dying man. Hence, the ethics of a doctor won over petty racial considerations. But at the same time being a true patriot, he did inform the General about the prisoner. It was sheer luck that the General forgot to send the assassins and the prisoner was saved.


Dr Sadao was an expert surgeon. He was living in a house near the beach with his family. Hewas very generous and loyal to his country. His wife was also a sympathetic, kind, obedient and loving woman. While standing outside their house, they saw something crawl on the beach. They rushed and found that he was a wounded prisoner of war. Initially the couple contemplated throwing the prisoner of war back into sea. But both of them did not have the heart for it. Also the prisoner would have died, if he was handed over to the police. As a doctor Sadao was trained to save a life if he could do. Seeing him badly wounded, the doctor and his wife brought him home for treatment. It was a big risk. Even the servants were against them. Dr Sadao performed the operation and his wife stood by him and helped him every moment. There was a great risk of Dr Sadao being arrested for harbouring a prisoner of war. Being loyal to his nation, he declared everything to the General and was ready to face the consequences. The General assured to help him get rid of the man but forgot to send his men. At last, Dr Sadao arranged for a boat, food and clothing to send him to the nearby island. He suggested to the American to board a Korean fishing boat, and get away to safety.

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