Do you think hunger was a good motivation for the young seagull in his first flight?

Even though his parents motivated him to fly, he denied it. They warned him that if he did not fly, he would die of hunger. But he could not move. But whatever parents do, it is for the betterment of their child’s future. So they took the harsh step of starving him for more than 24 hours, which was a good time to teach him the lesson to fly and hunt food for himself. It was a wonderful lesson that parents can teach their children to make their future bright.

Yes, in this case, hunger was a great motivation for the young seagull. He was cowardly and full of fear. All the efforts of his parents had failed to coax him into flight. For 24 hours, no one went near him and he was almost faint with hunger. Finally, the mother flew near him with a scrap of food in her beak. Unable to resist, he plunged into the air to catch it and fell out. To save himself, he opened his wings, the wind rushed to them and he found that he could fly. Then he completely forgot that he had not always been able to fly. Around him was his family, offering him scraps of dog-fish. Hence, hunger proved to be a good motivation for the young sea gull.

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