Do you know of any incident when someone has been brought back to life from the brink of death through medical help. Discuss medical procedures such as organ transplant and organ regeneration that are used to save human life.

Yes, there is an incident where people have been brought back to life brink of death through medical help. Surgical operations, life saving drugs and organ transplant play a leading role in modern medical science. Leading hospitals in advanced countries have facilities for medical procedures such as organ transplant and organ regeneration. Blood-Bank and Eyes-Bank are quite common. People willingly donate various organs of their body to the hospitals after their death. The techniques of organ regeneration help to preserve them for certain period and use them for transplanting the defective organs of another patient. Now a days eyes, heart, kidney and liver are being transplanted.

I found it in case of my friend’s mother, whose face was totally slashed in a jeep accident on the way to Jaipur. Bones appeared. Nobody knew what would happen to Dr. Meenakshi, she had lost her facial features so to say. Only a miracle could restore her back to life. Then surgeons all over India joined hands and after conducting several skin grafting operations, her features were restored. It took her three and a half years to recover medically and physically she came out much better of than was expected than was expected but her emotions suffered a severe scar.

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