Distinguish between Mrs. Pumphrey’s method and Mr. Herriot’s method in looking after the dog. Whose method could be regarded the better of the two and why?

Mrs. Pumphrey loved Tricki, her pet dog, very much. When she found that Tricki was no more active and energetic, she tried to give more nutrients in his food to make him more energetic like malt, cod-liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks, an extra diet of cream cakes and chocolates. But she was not giving him exercise. Infact, Tricki was not suffering from any disease. Mr. Herriot found out the main cause of his ailment, i.e., his greed for over-eating. Mr. Herriot gave him a controlled diet, recovered him from lethargy caused by overeating and excessive fat. So, Mr. Herriot’s method could be regarded better of two as he understood the cause and remedy of the disease. He was able to treat the dog by being strict with him regarding diet and physical activities. Mrs. Pumphrey was just pampering her dog.

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