Distinguish between ‘Advertising’ and ‘Personal Selling’ on the basis of any five points.

Difference between ‘Advertising’ and ‘Personal Selling’:

(i) Nature

Advertising: It involves non-personal or indirect communication between the buyer and the seller.
Personal Selling: It involves face-to-face interaction between the buyer and the seller.

(ii) Purpose

Advertising: It is done to increase product image, enhance sales volumes and fight competition.
Personal Selling: It is carried out to provide personalised attention to the customer.

(iii) Methods

Advertising: It involves several media such as radio, T.V., newspapers, magazines, etc.
Personal Selling: It involves oral presentation and use of gestures by the salesperson.

(iv) Coverage

Advertising: It often covers a large number of people in one stroke.
Personal Selling: It covers an individual or a small group of people each time.

(v) Message

Advertising: It involves a common message for all people covered by the advertising media.
Personal Selling: It involves specific message for a buyer. It can be tailored to suit the nature of the buyer.

(vi) Feedback

Advertising: It is less flexible. The message can’t be changed so quickly.
Personal Selling: It is more flexible. The technique of presentation can be changed on the spot.

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