Discuss the system of political power in the Harappan society?

There are several theories concerning the type of political administration in the Harappan civilisation:

  1. Some archaeologists have labelled Mohenjodaro as a palace and a stone statue was labelled as a priest-king. The city would have served as the centre of political power.
  2. According to some archaeologists, Harappan society had no rulers and everybody used to enjoy equal status in the society.
  3. Some archaeologists suggest that there was no single ruler, but a plethora of rulers ruled over the vast civilisation.
  4. As per some archaeologists, there were different rulers for every city like Mohenjodaro, Harappa, and so forth.
  5. The theory that all the different regions were under the control of different rulers seems to be most compromising as the civilisation was very large and cannot be controlled by a single authority.

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