Discuss in groups, plays or films with a strong message of social reform that you have watched.

Group-discussion at class level. There can be different responses. One such response is given below as an example: The latest film I have watched recently is Swadesh. It has a strong message of social reform. It tells the story of an Indian scientist at NASA (America) who visits his ancestral home in India. The poor condition of the villagers and lack of basic facilities fills him with deep agony. He resigns his job in America and returns to his native country (Swadesh) to begin his work of rural uplift. He gives the villagers a message that self help is the best help and we can not depend for everything on the Government. This remote village is plunged in darkness after sunset as there is no electricity. With the help of a few villagers the scientist is able to produce hydro electricity and light the village homes. The water can be used for irrigation purpose also. Thus the economic and social condition of the villagers undergoes a seachange.

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