What are the disadvantages of television advertising?

Disadvantages of Television Advertising:

1. Costs

Despite the efficiency of TV in reaching large audience, it is an enormously expensive medium to advertisement. The high cost of TV ads stems not only from the expense of buying airtime, but also form the cost of producing a quality commercial. More advertisers are using media driven creative strategies that require production of a variety of commercials, which drive up their cost. Even local ads can be expensive to produce and often are not of high quality.

2. Lack of Selectivity

Advertiser who are seeking a very specific, often small, target audience find the coverage of TV often extending beyond their market, thus reducing its cost effectiveness. Geographical selectivity can be a problem for local advertisers such as retailers since it rates on the total market area it reaches. Audience selectivity is difficult as advertisers target certain groups of consumers through the type of programme or day and/or time they choose to advertisement.

3. Clutter

Like other media, television advertisement also suffers from the problem of clutter. Nowadays, there are too many ads on television and therefore many a times the audience is also confused and boredom with same. Therefore, though television ads are attractive they may not hold the audience for long.

4. Lack of Clarity of Message

The ad message can be lost in the maelstrom television. Viewers may change the channel or decrease the volume during commercial breaks is a common habit, losing the reception of messages. So, the idea may not be so clear and the objective is not reached.

5. Fleeting Message

TV commercials usually last only 30 seconds or less and leave nothing tangible for the viewer to examine or consider. Commercials have become considerably short as the demand for a limited amount of broadcast time has intensified and advertisers to get more impressions from their media budgets.

6. Negative Attitudes

Many consumers have negative attitude about TV commercials. A number of filters negatively impact the ad, even if it reaches a large audience. Leaving the room, talking to friends, texting, flipping channels, reading and simply spacing off are all things that can distract viewers from watching and absorbing commercial message.

7. Lacks Flexibility

It’s not as easy as editing your print ad. Most times, a TV ad will need to be shot again, or at least that part of it will need to be re-shot, and it’s difficult to pick up action in the middle of an ad and to come away with the same feel of the ad as the first time.

8. Time Consuming Process

Even a 30-second ad or the 10- and 15-second clips of recent years, require a lot of effort. Advertiser needs to hire a script writer or an ad agency, actors and a director. Rehearsing, shooting and retakes consume an entire day or more. It’s time-consuming and stressful process.

9. Placement of Ads

The advertiser may not get the right placement of ads during the TV programme. The ads of competitors may appear at the same time and in the same programme. Therefore, the audience may not be responsive to TV advertising.

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