What are the disadvantages of newspaper advertising?

Disadvantages of Newspaper Advertising:

1. No Demonstration of the Product

It is not possible to display the demonstration or the usage of the product in the newspaper ad. Whereas, certain products need to have a demonstration. Therefore, newspaper advertising is not suitable for all the products.

2. Reducing Interest

Nowadays, the demand for newspaper is declining because of instant news, messages which are sent through social media and other applications. Since the demand is reducing the promotion of goods will not be reaching at mass level.

3. High Competition

The competition among media is high and newspaper advertisement faces lot of difficulty to cope up with the competition. The broadcasting media attracts huge audience as they have audio and video effects.

4. Quick Reading

The main objective of newspaper is to spread current news, stories etc to readers. Reading advertisement is a secondary part of newspaper. Thus, people may miss out on advertisement while reading news.

5. Clutter

The number of advertisements in the newspaper is increasing and therefore advertisers are facing the problem of clutter. It involves when there are too many advertisement readers do not read but neglect it.

6. Limited Coverage

Although, newspaper has wide coverage, it cannot be read by all masses. Especially, newspaper advertisement is not suitable for illiterates as they cannot read and understand. Thus, it reduces its scope.

7. No Much Scope for Creativity

The usage of audio and video cannot be done hence there is no much scope for creativity. However, colorful pictures and photos of celebrities can be used to attract the audience.

8. Not Suitable for all Products

The newspaper advertising is suitable for those products which are to be explained in detail. Therefore, newspaper advertisement is not suitable for all products.

9. Average Print Quality

Advertiser will not have choice to decide the quality of paper. Most of the newspaper advertisement suffers due to poor quality of paper. It makes ad very routine and not attractive.

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