What are the disadvantages of magazine advertising?

Disadvantages of Magazine Advertising:

1. Limited Flexibility

Ads must be submitted well in advance of the publication date. In some instances, advertisers must have full advertisements ready at the printer more than two months before the cover date of monthly publications.

2. No Demonstration

Certain product requires product demonstration which is not possible with magazine advertisement. No matter the ad can be made creative and attractive but demonstration of the product has a different impact on consumers and encourages them to purchase it.

3. High Cost

For a general audience magazine such as India today, advertising rates are quite high and magazines of this type do not compare favorably with other media such as network TV in terms of the cost to reach a broad mass audience.

4. Clutter

Each magazine advertiser hopes readers will notice its professionally prepared ad, will stay on the page long enough to absorb the message and gain a favorable impression that results in a purchase decision. A reader flipping through multiple ads while searching for a feature story might pay little attention to each ad’s content or might decide not to read any ads at all.

5. Not Suitable for Small Traders

Smaller advertisers don’t get the best positioning in the magazines and are usually crowded together in the back. Space and ad layout costs are higher. The slower lead time increases the risk of ad getting overtaken by events. There is a limited flexibility in terms of ad placement and format.

6. Limited Reach

Magazines don’t have the same reach as television or radio. Readers are typically narrow segments of people interested in the given topic of the magazine. This means that magazines aren’t the best option if you want to reach a sizable, broad, general audience of customers.

7. Long Processing Times

Magazines are normally published weekly or monthly. Because of the significant amount of content, pictures and ads included in a typical issue, it takes weeks to lay out one issue. Publishers usually require that advertiser fixes the ad in four to six weeks ahead of when they want to run. Discounts for earlier submissions are common.

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