Development of Values – Role of Family, School, Teacher, Society

The acquisition of values takes place through the process of interaction and socialization. In order to harmonize and adapt in group life, values are necessary to keep in mind. This awareness towards values is helpful in the acquisition of values. Parents, other family members, sports groups and other organizations are helpful in the acquisition of values. Thus, the process of interaction and socialization has an important place in the acquisition of values. Social and psychological both types of factors contribute in the origin and development of values. The development of values is a complex and continuous process which is constantly worked upon by the society and the individual.

The family is the first school for the development of the values of a person or child, in that also mother is the first teacher, the values are initiated by the mother in the child, the mother is the one who introduces living with mutual love, tolerance, compassion etc. values first in the child. That is why, mother is called the first teacher of the child.

1. Role of Family

The family is the first school of values development in humans, where the values are developed directly and indirectly by the family members. In order to make the family a place for ideal value development, family members should also follow and demonstrate the values that they want to develop in the child because in this stage the child learns a lot by imitation. For example, if you want to develop the value of speaking truth in the child then the family should first need to follow this value in themselves, only then this value of speaking truth will be cultivated in the child.

2. Role of School

The school is the first formal school for a child where he not only acquires knowledge but also the values. By observing his teachers, friends and classmates he imitates their values. In the classroom where she/he is directly adopting values like discipline, tolerance, harmony, same on the other side she/he is adopting values like love, secularism, respect for others, etc. from his classmates. In this value formation, the role of the school members should be to create an environment of mutual love, harmony and provide a liberal atmosphere to the children in the school so that the human values can be developed properly in the children.

3. Role of Teacher

The responsibility of formation and development of values in the students is directly assigned by the society to the teacher. The teacher is the axis around which the cycle of the formation of values of the child revolves, therefore the teacher should always remain active to discharge this responsibility. The teacher is the idol of students in the school; therefore, the character of the teacher should also be exemplary for the students, at the same time, the teacher should also always reflect himself as the ideal to the students. So that students can build their values by imitating the ideals of the teacher. The teacher can plan and organize some activities in his classroom such as organizing discussions on ethical topics in the classroom, which can indirectly help cultivating values in the students and develop those cultivated values. A teacher should create an atmosphere of harmony and love in the classroom so that children also develop these human values such as mutual love and harmony among themselves.

4. Role of Society

A society always wants that its values gets transferred to its future generations. Therefore, it becomes even more the responsibility of the society to set good ideals and values for its future generations to follow them that have been created by the society. The creation and development of values is an ongoing process, so a plan should be formed by the society for the development of values in the child, such as adding these values set by the society to the books that the child is studying currently in the school and so that the new generation would adapt these values by learning about them.

While developing the values in the child, society, teachers, or other family members need to have patience, because the development of values cannot happen suddenly, for this it requires constant efforts by the society, school or yourself, only then the new generation can develop those values.

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