What is the difference between Desk Research and Field Research?

1. Meaning

Desk Research: It is method of collecting secondary data.

Field Research: It is method of collecting primary data.

2. Techniques

Desk Research: It uses internal and external sources of data like company’s record, government publication etc.

Field Research: It uses survey, observation, experiment, consumer panel, shop audit etc. method of primary data collection.

3. Cost

Desk Research: It is an economical and time saving method of data collection.

Field Research: It is costly and time consuming method of data collection.

4. Nature of Data

Desk Research: It collects quantitative data.

Field Research: It collects qualitative data on consumer behaviour.

5. Reliability

Desk Research: Data needs prior evaluation and verification before its application.

Field Research: Information is collected from primary and original source therefore it is more accurate, valid and reliable.

6. Usage

Desk Research: It is used in descriptive and exploratory research.

Field Research: It is used in experimental research.

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