Desire, determination and diligence lead to success. Explain the value of these qualities in the light of Douglas’ experience in “Deep Water”.

Douglas’ experience in ‘Deep Water’ is a great example of how desire, determination and diligence lead to success. When Douglas was just a child, he had major water-related misadventures and (he almost drowned), which affected him badly and he was left with a deep rooted fear of water. This fear stayed with him as he grew older. As the fear lingered on, Douglas realised that it prevented him from enjoying all the activities related to water, such as boating, canoeing, swimming, etc. It was no longer acceptable to Douglas. Therefore, his strong desire to overcome his fear of water made him take swimming lessons. Even though, the old fear kept coming back, weakening him initially, however, his determination kept him going. Eventually, with rigorous training, vigorous practice and perseverance, he was able to get rid of his fear of water.

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