Describe the voyage of the narrator after the disaster.

The disaster had damaged greatly the narrator’s ship. But he and his team fought bravely against the wave. They worked on the hand pumps to take out the water. They had survived for 15 hours since the wave hit. But the ‘Wavewalker’ was not in a position to take them to Australia because of its broken condition. The narrator checked the charts and found that there were two small islands a few hundred kilometer to the east. But unless the wind and seas abated and they hoisted sail, their chances were slim. On 4th January, the situation eased they took their first meal in almost two days with corned beef and cracker biscuits. The narrator asked Larry to steer a course of 185 degrees. Then they reached ‘Ile Amsterdam’ island. All the 28 inhabitants cheered them ashore the next morning.

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