Describe the sights and sounds of your school playground during the break-time. How does this change once the school bell is rung?

Break-time or interval is the time which every student waits for in the school. The moment the bell is sung, students rush out of their classrooms towards the playground. Many of them more towards the canteen. I also go out and watch the scenes in the playground. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in the playground.

It seems as if the whole school has come out in the field. Many students of junior classes can be seen running after each other to catch hold of the other. The students of senior classes stand in groups and start discussing something or the other and the sound of loud laughter can be heard.

Happiness and relaxation can be seen on the faces of the children. Many students sit aside on the benches to have their food. They can be seen sharing the delicious cooked by their mother. I enjoy the chitterings, giggles, laughter and smile on the faces of students.

Soon it is time for the break to be over. The bell rings and students start going back to their classes in a queue. Many rush off towards the water cooler or the taps to drink water or wash their hands. The prefects and house captains once again take their position to make the students move in a queue and send them to their classrooms within minutes, the school playground which is generally alive a few moments ago, becomes silent again.

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