Describe the role of public relations in sales promotion.

Role of Public Relations:

(i) Building corporate image: To build image or goodwill, companies can contribute money and time to social problems. For example, upkeep of parks in the city or sponsoring sports will promote their products.

(ii) Smooth functioning of the business: Co-operation of public is essential for any company to achieve its objectives and smooth functioning. Therefore, companies involved in public relations have to satisfy different public groups so that no obstacles are imposed on the smooth functioning of business.

(iii) Supplement to advertising: As a supplement to advertising, public relations are usually undertaken by marketing managers to spread awareness and knowledge about new and established products. Its cost is less than media advertising as there is no need to pay for media space and time.

(iv) Launching a new product: An effective public relations programme conveys information about the new products of company to customers before they are launched. Before launching the new brand, a good publicity increases the demand of it during the advertised period.

(v) Building interests in the established products: To attract and motivate the customers to buy the products, an effective public relation campaign is essential. Public relation professionals collect information about public opinion for product and company from various media channels. It helps the company to chalk out its actions which are relevant to the public.

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