Describe the narrator’s experience as he flew the aeroplane into the storm.

The narrator was in a hurry to reach England although he had little fuel. He felt homesick and missed his home. So, he took the risk to fly on low fuel. Suddenly, he lost contact with Paris due to a cloudy storm. Inside the clouds, everything was suddenly black. It was impossible for him to see anything outside the aeroplane. His plane jumped and twisted in the air. He looked at the compass and to his surprise, it was moving round and round. It was dead. All the other instruments were dead. He tried the radio but in vain. He was lost in the storm. Just then a black aeroplane appeared. He was helped by the mysterious pilot and was able to land safely. The other aeroplane had no lights on its wings, but the narrator could see it flying next to him. He could see the other pilot’s face. He lifted one hand and waved at the narrator and asked him to follow him. The narrator’s fuel was getting over. But the other pilot guided him down and made his safe landing. After that, the pilot and the aeroplane, both disappeared.

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