Describe the horrifying experience of the narrator as mighty waves hit ‘Wavewalker’ in the Southern Indian Ocean?

A mighty wave hit the stern of their ship ‘Wavewalker’ in the evening of January 2. A tremendous explosion shook the deck. A torrent of green and white broke over the ship. The narrator’s head struck against the wheel. He was swept overboard. He was sinking below the waves and losing his consciousness. He accepted his approaching death. He felt quite peaceful. Suddenly, his head appeared out of water. A few meters away, ‘Wavewalker’ was turning over in water. His mast was almost horizontal. Then a wave hurled him upright. The narrator’s lifeline jerked taught. He grabbed the guard rails and sailed through the air into Wavewalker’s main boom. Succeeding waves tossed him around the deck like a rag doll. His mouth was filled with blood and broken teeth. Somehow he found the wheel, lined up the stern for the next wave and held tightly.

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