Describe the childhood memories of the author’s time in Goa and his fondness for breads and cakes?

The author tells us that bread is an indispensable part of the life of the Goan people since the time of the Portuguese. Bread is a part of not only everyday life but also of festive occasions and events. For each occasion, there was a special kind of bread. He also tells us that the baker had a leading role in society and was so important in the life of the Goans that they got up with the jingling sound of his bamboo. He also tells us that the baker wore either a Kabai, i.e., a long frock or a shirt and a half pant like trousers.

The author seems to be very observant because not only does he know all this but also knows the profit-making in it as he says that in those days, the baker was very prosperous and never starved. He also knew that they maintained monthly bills on the walls. Such strong observation powers would definitely be beneficial for children as they would become aware of the citizens of their neighbourhood.

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