Describe the Character of Iswaran.

Iswaran was an honest and resourceful man. He was always energetic and prompt at his duties. Iswaran accompanied Mahendra everywhere without any question or complain. He could turn any deserted inhabitable place into a homely habitable place. Iswaran was a wonderful cook. Whenever Mahendra was transferred to a new place, Iswaram produced vegetables and cooked ingredients, seemingly out of nowhere, in the middle of a desolate landscape with no shops visible for miles around. He would miraculously conjure up the most delicious dishes made with fresh vegetables within an hour of arriving at the zinc sheet shelter at the new workplace. Iswaran was a great storyteller and reader. He loved Tamil thrillers. Its imaginative descriptions and narrative flourishes would hold Iswaran in thrall. He captivated the audience with his stories by weaving surprise and suspense in them. He narrated even the smallest incident. His own descriptions were greatly influenced by the Tamil authors that he read. Iswaran was a bit mischievous also. He scared Mahendra with his ghost stories. He was deeply attached to Mahendra and never felt bad of his words. He was a great company.

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