Describe the author’s journey from the top of the pass to his stay at Hor.

The top of the pass was at 5,515 metres. It was marked by a cairn of rocks. The author along with the two other persons took a turn round the cairn in a clockwise direction as is the tradition. The author was suffering from severe headache at this altitude. Now, the car careered down to the other side of the pass. He was glad that his headache had now disappeared. At about 2 p.m. they stopped for lunch. Then they started again and by late afternoon reached the small town of Hor. Here, Daniel parted company. He went back to Lhasa in a truck that was going there. Tsetan decided to repair his punctured tyres here. So, he sent the author to a cafe to pass about half an hour. Hor did attract the author. Though, he sat on the shore of the sacred lake Manasarovar, it was dirty and full of refuse. When Tsetan came back, the author started on his journey again.

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