Describe Nick Middleton’s journey from Ravu to the height of 5,210 metres.

The author Nick Middleton started from Ravu early one morning. He was starting on his pilgrimage to Mount Kailash. On this occasion a woman named Lhamo gave him a farewell present. It was a long sleeved sheepskin coat. Such coats are worn by all the men in that area to protect themselves from cold.Nick Middleton started on his journey in a car which was being driven by Tsetan. There was one more person named Daniel with him. Tsetan took a short cut to take the author almost directly towards Kailash. This short cut took them across vast open plains with nothing except a few gazelles in them. Stony plains followed these arid pastures. There, the author saw herds of wild asses which Tsetan called Kyang. After these rocky plains, the hills were visible. Here, the author saw solitary Drokbas tending their flocks. Then, there were nomads’ dark tents. Almost, all of these tents were guarded by Tibetan mastiffs. The snow-capped mountains now came into view. The ride became very bumpy. At one point, the car had to stop. There was ice on the track for about 15 metres. They threw some dust on the ice and then the car moved on. This happened at the height of 5,210 metres.

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