Describe Jack’s art of storytelling.

Jack was a good storyteller. He had begun the custom of telling a story to his daughter for the evening naps two years ago. Every day he made a slight alteration in the basic story which usually revolved around a creature named Roger. This creature always fell into some trouble and went to a wise owl for advice. The owl sent him to a wizard who cast a magic spell to solve the problem. To make his stories interesting, he would give sound effects to his stories e.g. when Roger Skunk had knocked at the door of the wizard, Jack rapped on the window sill to create an effect. When Roger Skunk reached the house of wizard, the wizard asked him many questions and Jack gave it one of his favourite effects. He scrunched up his face and spoke the wizard’s words like an old man. In the end, when Jo seemed satisfied at Roger getting the smell of roses, he didn’t like it. He made a twist in his story and extended the basic story. He hadn’t liked the expression on Jo’s face which reflected that she thought the story was all over. So he made a change in the story and narrated it to her.

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