Describe in detail the view from your bedroom window.

Does your room overlook a park? A busy street? What are the sights, sounds and smells that you would typically see, hear and experience at different times of the day? When do you most enjoy the view? Early in the morning, in the evening or late at night?

View from My Bedroom Window

Today man is turning out to be a machine. And the lifestyle of a person is changing rapidly. Previously it was said ‘early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’ But nowadays everything is just reverse. We work till late, rise up late. In this way, we are missing many valuable gifts of nature. But with me, things are still same as it was in olden days. My whole family gets up at 5:30 am in the morning. When I open my eyes the first thing I do is to peep from the window outside.

I live in a flat on the 2nd floor. Adjacent to my building is a park which is always busy in the mornings and evenings. Nearby people come for a walk and exercise; children play in the morning and evening. Some children scream calling out each other’s names. They cycle sometimes.

Opposite the flats and park, is one high school. Students start coming to the school from 7 am. It is such a fantastic scene. Children can be seen walking to their schools carrying heavy bags, some parents come to drop their wards at school. Some come on vehicles, some in minibuses, others on cycles. It’s a busy hour of the morning.

On the other hand, the park is full of big and large green trees with birds chirping. My house is facing east, so in the morning I can also see lovely sunrise. In summer, it is very cool. When I open the window in the morning, a lovely breeze comes with the sweet smell of flowers and leaves of green plants.

If one’s morning is full of freshness and energy, then there is no point in getting tired the whole day. In the afternoon the school area is busy when the school gets off. Similarly in the evening, the park is busy with a lot of ladies, children and elderly people. So the view from my window is always evergreen in the morning, afternoons and evenings.

The nighttime is very peaceful with a lot of lights in the park. This is the time, when everybody takes a rest, the people, children, birds, animals and even plants. I love the view at night time most especially, on full moonlight. I enjoy the scenes out of the window very much.

My Sunday holiday is the best time when everything is peaceful from morning to night because the school is closed and all children take a rest at home. I love peeping from my window every now and then. Thank God I am enjoying the utmost of nature and God’s creativity every day.

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