Describe briefly the scene at the third level of Grand Central as seen (or seemed to be seen) by Charley.

The third level was entirely different and old-fashioned. There were fewer ticket windows. The information booth was made of wood. The lights were open flame gas lights. There were brass spittoons on the floor. Men had beards and sideburns. Women wore old-fashioned dresses and high buttoned shoes. The railway engine was small with a funnel shaped stack. Everything looked a century old. He walked to the newsboy. There he glanced at “The World”. The lead story was about President Cleveland. Later, Charley found out from the library files that it was printed on June 11, 1894.

Charley wanted to go to Galesburg. He had been there in his childhood days. It was a wonderful town with tremendous stress and frame houses. In 1894, it was a heaven of peace and tranquillity. People lived a carefree life. Therefore, he asked for two tickets to Galesburg. He paid the fare in modern notes which were different from those in 1894. The clerk thought the notes were fake and Charley was trying to cheat him. He threatened to get him arrested. Charley immediately turned around and fled as fast as he could.

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