Describe any three points of importance of personal selling each to Businessmen and Society.

Importance to Businessmen

Personal selling is important for a businessmen because of the following reasons:

(i) Effective promotional tool: Personal selling is an effective promotional tool as it increases the possibility of sales by influencing the consumer about the qualities, features and merits of a product.

(ii) Consumer’s attention: In personal selling, it is easy to achieve consumer’s attention as there is a direct contact with the customers, which helps a sales person in successfully completing the sale.

(iii) Link with customers: In personal selling, sales person helps to link business with its customers by performing three different roles: persuasive role, service role and informative role.

Importance to Society

The benefits of personal selling to the society are as follows:

(i) Converts the latent demand: Personal selling helps in converting the latent demand into an effective demand. Effective demand raises the production, which results in more jobs, more incomes and more products and services. In this way, personal selling brings economic growth.

(ii) Career opportunities: Personal selling provides attractive opportunities for the career advancement and job satisfaction. It also provides security, respect and independence to the young generation.

(iii) Product standardisation: Personal selling encourages product standardisation and brings uniformity in consumption pattern in a diverse society.

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