Describe any four features of motivation.

Four features of motivation are:

1. Motivation is an internal feeling: The urge, drives, desires, aspirations, striving or needs of human being, which are internal, influence human behaviour. For example, people may have the urge for possessing a motorbike, comfortable house, reputation in the society. These urges are internal to an individual.

2. Motivation produces goal-directed behaviour: For example, a promotion in the job may be given to the employee with the objective of improving his performance. If the employee is interested in promotion, it helps to produce behaviour to improve performance.

3. Motivation can be either positive or negative: Positive motivation provides positive rewards like increase in pay, promotion, recognition, etc. Negative motivation uses negative means like punishment, stopping increments, threatening, etc. which also may induce a person to act in the desired way.

4. Motivation is a complex process: As the individuals are heterogeneous in their expectations, perceptions and reactions. Any type of motivation may not have uniform effect on all the members.

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