Derry sneaked into Mr. Lamb’s garden and it became a turning point in his life. Comment.

Derry is a fourteen-year-old boy with a face burnt by acid. Mr. Lamb serves as an ideal for Derry. Mr. Lamb has a tin leg. But he never allows his disability to sour the joys of life. Derry, on the other hand, makes himself quite pitiable and miserable. His hyper sensitivity is like an open wound. He can’t stand people staring at him. Even cruel and uncharitable remarks upset him. He can’t keep his ears shut. Nor does he possess a large and generous heart like that of Mr. Lamb, whom children called ‘Lamey-Lamb’, but Mr. Lamb does not mind it. He plays with them and gives them jelly and toffees. Derry, on the other hand, has developed a perverted mindset. The worst is that Derry distrusts the world and its people. We find a change in Derry towards the end. Mr. Lamb’s ideas leave their imprint on him. He is free from that complex now. He doesn’t care about his burnt face and it no more seems important to him.

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