What is the definition of Sociology?

Sociology is being defined differently by our sociologists and other’s. Each one of course, has its own news about the nature and scope of the subject, as he conceives it.

According to Ward “Sociology is science of society”.

George Simmel opines that it is a subject which studies human inter-relationship.

Giddins is of the view that “Sociology is scientific study of society”.

Max Weber has viewed sociology as “Science which attempts imperative understanding of social actions”.

Sorokin is of the opinion that sociology is a study first of all the relationship and correlations between various classes, second between the social and non social aspects of life and third it studies general characteristics common to all classes of society.

Ogburn has said that, “Sociology is concerned with the study of social life and its relations to the factors of culture, natural environment, heredity and group.

Durkheim while defining sociology has said that, “It is the science of collective representation.

We may thus conclude these definitions with the definition of E.S. Bogardus when he says that, “Sociology may be defined as the study of the ways in which social experiences function in developing, maturing and repressing human beings through inter-personal stimulations.”

From all these definitions it becomes clear that sociology is concerned with social relationships and studies society, human interactions, inter-personal and intra-personal relations. It tries to study scientifically social institutions, organizations and systems. These definitions also make it amply clear that sociologists view the subject differently and that there is no unanimity in this regard.

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