Compare and contrast the characters of Mr. Lamb and Derry.

Both Mr. Lamb and Derry suffer from problems. Mr. Lamb had a tin leg whereas Derry had a burnt face. But both of them differ in their attitude towards handling their problems. Mr. Lamb is very positive in his outlook. He sees the beauty in everything, including weeds. He doesn’t let physical handicap prevent him from living life to the fullest. He is very friendly, opened his doors to the world as he thinks that the world and people are important. Moreover, he is strong and doesn’t let people’s negative comments hurt him. Besides, being very practical he knows one’s life is in one’s own hands. He also shows understanding of Derry’s problems.

On the contrary Derry is scared of meeting people as he hates seeing their fear of him and facing their rejection. He is too sensitive and people’s comment hurt him deeply. He becomes upset due to his parents’ over protectiveness and mother’s repulsion for his burnt face. He is defiant and rude and does not to talk to people. He sees everything in a bad light and pessimistic about everything. He not only hates himself but the world and remains away from all. He indulges in self-pity over his face but he has inner deep desire to be accepted which he hides under an abrasive exterior. However, he changes at the end after listening to Mr Lamb and becomes ready to face the world and overcome obstacles to do so. Eventually he finds courage and strength to get what he wants.

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