Comment on the title of the story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’.

The title of the story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’ is quite appropriate and suggestive. It at once sums up the theme of the story. The whole story has one central issue—Ranga’s Marriage. It begins with Ranga’s refusal to marry just then and ends with his blissful married life. All the incidents contribute to the central theme. The writer has presented the working of a young educated Indian’s mind and heart. He is easily influenced by the English way of life and customs. He wants to adopt them in his own life as well. The narrator, who is his well wisher takes deep interest in him and takes active steps to wean Ranga away from the fantasy of love marriage. By arousing his interest and fascination in young girl, Ratna, he makes Ranga agree to marry her. She does not fulfil the other condition of being a mature girl in twenties she is just eleven at that time.

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