Comment on the significance of the title of the story ‘The Address. ’

The story has been aptly given the title, ‘The Address.’ This title is significant. The story moves around Mrs. Dorling’s address: Number 46, Marconi Street. Mrs. Dorling was an old acquaintance of the narrator’s mother. She had carried their valuables to her house for safety during the war time. She said that she wanted to save all their nice things because they would lose everything if they had to flee from the place. The narrator’s mother told her Mrs. Dorling’s address. The narrator had remembered the address.

When the war was over and things became almost normal, one day the narrator had an intense longing to see and touch the objects which were linked with the memories of her former life. She knew that all the things must still be preserved by Mrs. Dorling. So, she went to number 46 in Marconi Street. She was horrified to find in a room she knew and did not know. She found herself in the midst of familiar things which she longed to see again but which oppressed her in the strange atmosphere. Suddenly, the objects lost their value in strange surroundings, they too appeared strange to her. She realized that the address lost all its significance for her and she wanted to forget it.

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