Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Crocker Harris.

Crocker Harris, according to Taplow, is a strict disciplinarian. He follows all the rules and regulations which others do not bother to follow. Even on the last day of the school he calls Taplow for extra work. Besides, he does not entertain any flattery from the students. In spite of this, Taplow respects him for his values.


Taplow’s attitude towards Crocker-Harris is rather complex. He has a grudge against him for calling him to do extra work on the last day of school. Then unlike most teachers, Crocker-Harris does not reveal the result of the students of his form until the last day. He is very much scared of him also. Even when Harris is late and Frank suggests that Taplow could go back on that pretext, Taplow refused to do so.

Taplow is very obedient and respectful towards Crocker-Harris but is certain that this show of respect is not likely to help him in getting his ‘remove’. He says that Crocker-Harris is a special person because he is the only one who seems to dislike being liked.

Yet, there is something which makes Taplow like Mr. Crocker-Harris. He doesn’t know himself what it is.

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