What are the different types of political parties in India?

The types of political parties can be broadly classified into following categories:

1. National Parties

Any party to be called as national level political party must fulfill following conditions:

  1. It must have had its candidates stood for last elections in at least four or more States for Loksabha or for Legislative Assembly and secured not less than 6 % of total valid votes in those elections. In addition win at least four seats in Loksabha from any State or States.
  2. It must have won at least 2 % seats in Loksabha from at least three different States. Some of the present national parties are; Indian National

Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Communist Party of India etc.

2. State Parties

The State parties promote regional languages, culture and interest of people of that region. To be recognized as a State party, it must fulfill following conditions:

In the last general elections to legislative assembly, the party candidates must have secured not less than 6% of total valid votes and must retain at least 2 members to State Legislative Assembly. Some of the well known State political parties are; Shiv Sena (Maharashtra), AIADMK and DMK (Tamilnadu), Telgu Desam (Andhra Pradesh), Rashtriya Janata Dal ( Bihar), the National Conference ( Jammu and Kashmir) etc.

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