What are the characteristics of Marketing Information System (MIS)?

Characteristics of Marketing Information System (MIS) are:

1. Continuous Process

MIS is a continuous and on going process of data collection. The data are not collected on ad-hoc basis or on issue based but it is collected regularly.

2. Computer Based

MIS is a computer based method of data collection. The use of computer has enabled to store and retrieve huge volume of data on subjects like consumer preferences, technology, market environment.

3. Data Bank

MIS is a systematic method of collecting, analyzing and storing potential information and supplying the same to marketing executives for decision making purpose.

4. Link Between External and Internal Environment

MIS is a connecting link between external environment and internal resources. It keeps continuous watch on external environment with reference to competition, technological developments, government policies, consumer behaviour and transfers this data to concerned authorities.

5. Comprehensive Term

MIS is a comprehensive and permanent system established to collect, store and supply data relevant to present and future marketing problems

6. Systematic Method

MIS is one such method which follows well planned collection of relevant data, analysis and presentation of such data in the most usable form and at right time to decision makers.

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