What are the characteristics and problems of Rural Areas?

1. Caste System and Joint Family System

The rigidity of the caste system and restrictions based on purity and pollution are the basic rules of rural social milieu. The status of an individual is decided by his/her birth in a particular caste and under no circumstance that individual can climb the social ladder. Similarly the joint family system reinforces the patriarchal and patrilocal social structure.

2. Literacy

Rural literacy rate has always been lower than 50% in most of the regions owing to the traditional mind set and stronghold of customs and blind faith. This often results in unemployment and poverty.

3. Occupation

Agriculture is backbone for rural economy. However dependence on monsoon and primitive technology restricts the growth and per hectare yield in rural areas.

4. Unemployment

Owing to the seasonal nature of agriculture and uneconomical land holdings, there is seasonal and disguised unemployment.

5. Low Media Exposure

Due to high levels of poverty and illiteracy the exposure to print and audio visual media is very low.

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