How is China’s perspective chaning towards India?

The Chinese perspective towards India underwent change in the post cold war era. Indian attempts to open its economy through its ambitious economic liberalization programme, its sincere attempts to economically engage with its East Asian neighbors, its emergence as a nuclear power, its progress in Information Technology, missile development fields, consolidation of Indo-US engagement drastically change India’s image. These events compelled china to change its traditional mindset to underestimate India and orient china to pay more attention to rising India. China realized that sooner or later India is bound to emerge as a major power in Asia and a major player in the world on the basis of its increasing economic growth and military capabilities. At the same time it also realizes the conventional policy of containing India will not yield any result. Therefore, instead of containing India, China is trying to engage India. The change in Chinese perception can be attributed to several new developments both at regional and global level. Prominent among them are as under

  • Strengthening of Indo-US Relations in the post cold war era
  • The emergence of India as a nuclear weapons state,
  • The steady economic growth with an average 8% annual growth rate, India’s increasing ability to influence regional and global events,
  • Indian’s growing engagements with the regional and global powers,
  • India’s quest to become a regional super power,
  • India’s membership to several influential bodies.

These factors impacted on Chinese attitude towards India and make china to recognize Indian presence. The change in Chinese perspective has equally impacted on china’s cold war time stands on a number of issues in south Asia including china’s blind support to Pakistan against India, Chinese stand on Kashmir issue, Chinese attitude towards other small south Asian countries.

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