What are the major causes of the problems of the elderly?

Following are some of the major causes of the problems of the elderly:

1. Old Age

Ageing is a natural process. However it has its own disadvantages. Old age effects the physical and mental strengths of a person. The weakness of the elders makes them soft targets of robbers and also of unfaithful family member and servants at home.

2. Health Factor

Health problems are a part and parcel of old age. The problems like heart attack, respiratory problems, cough, paralysis etc., are more common among the elders. When the body becomes weak, resistance power becomes low and the body becomes a homw for several deceases.

3. Psychological Factor

The psychological problems are generally connected with retirement. A sudden change from a respectable powerful official life to a retired life free of daily tensions makes the people mentally weak. Frustration, neuroticism, psychosis, schizophrenia, hallucinations, etc psychological problems are developed in the elderly.

4. Neglect by Family Members

The family of a person matters in old age. If the family is ready to look after them willingly then the old age becomes easy. But if the family members think that the elderly are a beast of burden then it affects the elderly very severely. The prolonged illness will make the family members think of the elderly as a burden especially when the elderly is bedridden.

5. Generation Gap

The elderly find it difficult to accept the values and standards of new generation. For example, the son, daughter-in –law and grand children like pizzas, burgers and pastas, they listen to pop music instead of classical Indian music, they wear capris and jeans which is totally condemned by the elderly. The elderly may express their disgust either verbally or being completely silent over the issues. They may even interfere in the activities of their grand children which is often not liked by the grand child.

6. Financial Factor

Money is the root cause of the problems of the elderly. Retirement brings with it financial burden. Health problems make it more worse as a considerable amount of money is spent on the medicines and treatment. These affects the relationship with the family members.

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