What are the causes of the problems of Senior Citizens?

Some of the causes of the problems of elderly are as follows:

1. Negative Stereotype

When the people are called as “Elderly” which are only old age people, that makes them to think negatively about their dependence. The others also perceive the same way that they are the useless, helpless etc. This feeling of Negatively is responsible for their problems.

2. Discrimination

The prejudices about the elderly people and their efficiency make them face discrimination in their life. e.g. They are not capable of punctuality, they can not work during hours with young employees, they are towards diseases and vulnerable to them. All these prejudices lead them to face the discrimination in the places of employment, assign special duties or even alloting residences to them .

3. Isolation from Society

The Senior Citizens are developing the concept of elderly with negative views and that they remain isolated with social activities and withdraw from social engagements and relationships.

4. Remaining Lonely

The loneliness can cause them many health problems and they can not share their ideas and experiences with other members and develops many psychological problems.

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